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EHS Audit - Inspect better app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 528 ratings )
Business Reference Productivity
Developer: Nimonik
Current version: 5.24.0, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 23 Sep 2010
App size: 33.1 Mb

Inspect your operations for compliance to safety, quality and environmental standards and regulations.

Save 60% of report writing time with this app.

Top 6 Features our clients love:

* Free training & support;
* Schedule audits;
* Scan barcodes and link audits to equipment;
* Issue corrective actions (NCRs) to staff with deadlines and follow-up;
* 1500 Free safety and quality audit templates and checklists;
* Generate beautiful reports in PDF, Word, Excel; and
* Easily manage team audits.

Easy-to-use, EHS Audit by Nimonik helps teams of internal and external auditors around the world to inspect and correct issues more efficiently. Nimonik Audit contains over 1500 free quality, safety and environmental checklists based on industry standards from 65 countries and 25 industries.

EHS Audit will help you audit and inspect your facilities with an easy to user interface and team audit tools such as corrective actions and NCRs, audit schedules and rich comparative reports for management in PDF, Word and Excel.

Over 20 000 internal and external auditors around the world rely on this app, such as Hein Ellis, EHS Consultant for Oceaneering International who says,

“I have been working offshore for 7 years as a HSE advisor and never have I seen such an easy to use, straight forward, and in my opinion, professionally designed tool.”

Detailed Feature List:

* Build your own audit checklists;
* Schedule audits and inspections;
* Issue comparative reports of your locations and audits;
* Take notes, findings and conclusions;
* Link audit findings to equipment and assets at your plant;
* Issue corrective actions to your colleagues or clients;
* Indicate conformance, warnings and set a Risk score;
* Capture and annotate photos;
* Attach Word and PDF documents;
* Sign off on audits;
* Record audio interviews; and
* Track change history to create an audit paper trail.

Customer Testimonials

A few of our 20 000 happy auditors and inspectors:

"I save over 60% of audit prep time with this app" - Shannon Major, AECOM

"Wow.... WOW. I am THRILLED with the iPhone App that I started using today - how easy is it to use! Thank you! Great Work!" - Wendy Sanche - Quality, EHS Coordinator - Sandvik Mining and Construction Canada Inc.

“Your app ticked most of the boxes for me so I decided to give it a try. I can’t wait to get away from paper notes and/or a large pc for my vessel audits.” – Stig Rabben, DOF

"In processing the audit results, what would take two weeks now only takes one day!" - Barry, Sapphire Care

Our 1500+ free checklists include ISO 9001, Automotive Quality, Food and Beverage Quality Inspections; Safety Inspections based on CFR 1910 OSHA Checklists and OHSAS 18001, Environmental Audits with ISO 14001, medical device standards, health checklists, Crane Inspection Checklists, EHS legal compliance for the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and over 60 countries around the world.

Pros and cons of EHS Audit - Inspect better app for iPhone and iPad

EHS Audit - Inspect better app good for

We have been waiting for this app for some time. It will be a key tool in our organizations EHS compliance management efforts.
The ability to sync audits with the web site is really helpful. Also, the built in templates are quite extensive.
Id recommend this app. Really simple to use, plus you have access to a bunch of free checklists. Great tool!
This App is great to audit my installations. I can do my inspections much faster than with Excel and the reports are really clear and detailed. The ability to add pictures and audio recordings is also a great feature. Would recommend to anyone with lengthy audits/inspections.
This app is a breeze to use and setup, it works perfectly for my routine safety inspections at the plant. The reports look great and I can issue corrective actions with due dates and responsible people. Thanks!
Nice app to do the audit on-site and there is a easy-to-use web app to prepare the questions and process the findings after return. Also, very helpful support.

Some bad moments

The latest version also crashes when I try to launch it. I like this Program but want it to work when I launch it. Just checked it on my iPad 1 and the new version works great but still crashes on the iPad 2. I give it a 4 star on the iPad 1 and a 1 star on the iPad 2.
Listing requirements as "1" or "2" means you have to click through to find out what requirement you are evaluating. Also, there should be an option of marking all as "passed" and then being able to quickly go through and mark "fail" for the items not meeting criteria. Too many clicks to get to where you need to be. Also, the program is still crashing on my 4S.
The application is built well and entering in a custom audit template from the website is straightforward. Its nice to audit a site with just an iPad, rather than carrying a laptop or notepad around and working on converting results later. The cost comes in when a report is desired. The first two are free, but then you can get different quantities for different costs. I really want to use this, but my audit schedule is erratic at best. I cant expense a prepayment item like this, especially when its several hundred dollars. I wild prefer a one time cost or quarterly payment based upon how many audit reports were run. While I understand the value in the report templates that are included, and there are a lot, Im not in Canada and none of them apply to my industry. Perhaps a new version with a one time cost and no access to pre-made templates would become available in the future. I, as well as several other auditors in the company, would be up for that.
Sounds misleading marketing to me. The app is very poor. If you want to really use it you have to pay hundreds of dollars. Not even the two "free audits" are worth the price you pay for the app. No checklists found! Its pure garbage. Save your money.
The best feature of this app is the massive database of free checklists. They have hundreds of checklists on forklift safety and working at heights and much more. It is super practical to be able to access those quickly and start auditing right away.
This is an extremely simple to use app. There is nothing fancy here to get in the way of what really needs to get done. This app is fantastic for on the go auditing. Really clean professional look. Could use a few more options but even if this didnt change at all it is still an extremely useful app. I like how you can use it even if you have no Internet connection at the time and sync data later when you are connected. A+ app!