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Time Saver

Saves hours of time on consolidating and preparing reports. Their free checklists are extremely useful. I like their web app for EHS legal compliance. It's a great product. I definitely recommend it.

Time saver and user friendly

Trying to manage all of our system reports is rough. I gave this app a shot to try and alleviate the amount of pressure put on me to finish these reports by their deadlines. I was and am impressed with this app. There is a template out there to suit any need and it makes checklists so simple. I wish I had this available before recently. Awesome app!

Easy app

I found this app much helpful for my auditing works. There is a tutorial that helps to understand how to handle auditing work. The files of MS-Word, Excel Sheet and various others can be easily uploaded and downloaded. Taking pictures directly and marking out the problems is one unique feature. Pre-installed templates make the working easier and take less time. Overall it is the best auditing application of all time.

Perfect for my work!

This app is amazing! I am very glad I chose to download this app. It is so easy to use and isn't hard to figure out at all. Navigating through the app is a breeze. There are so many different templates to choose from so you will always have what you need. The checklist is very convenient and helps you get things done faster. Being able to make your reports in different formats is great. I personally use PDF but the option is convenient if my reports require additional formats. You can also add pictures too which is great for incident reports or follow up requirements. This has helped me be more efficient in my line of work. Everything you need is perfectly together in one great app!

Makes my life a lot easier

The aspect of this app that I love the most is the fact that it provides templates for my use. It makes it so much easier to create and write my reports when I have a template to base them off of. This is also reduce the amount of time it takes me to create and write my reports. The training that is offered as an aspect of the app was also very helpful. I found myself learning all sorts of new things and how to improve the way I do something's. This training will not only improve my ability to do my job, but could eventually lead to a promotion. As for function ability the app is extremely easy to use. I found it very easy to navigate to the different functions. I had no difficulty in understanding the app and did not have to go to any sort of instructions in order to be able to use it. I have found that this app is truly a hidden gem. It has reduced the amount of time it takes me to do my job and improved the way I do it.


This is a fantastic application. It is a powerful tool for anybody trying to perform an audit! There are a ton of professional templates you can choose from. I appreciate how light weight and responsive this app is. There are a ton of professional looking templates available for download inside of the app and it even gives you the ability to upload photos as well!! Thank you so much for this wonderful app!! This will remain on my phone for years!!

Best Auditing App

This app is ingenious. It's simple yet effective, and I wasn't ever confused when I used it. It's a real game-changer and it's easy to use.

Great and easy to use

I must say this app is really useful and very organized , easy to use I would recommend this for quick audits.

Love it!

This app is really helpful. It is simple to use & pretty much self explanatory. It allows you to keep track of your assets, incidents, and allows you to add tasks. It also allows you to browse and download different audit templates straight from the app!

Great app!

This app has been a real time saver! No more 2 week long audit processing. You can have your work done in as early as a day. Thank you for creating this app.

Doesn't work

This is not an app. This is an icon that does nothing but wastes time and money and then has to be deleted. There is no support.

iOS 9 update cause crash

Enjoy the app and use it daily but the new iOS 9 update has it crashing every time I back out of a line item. Please fix.


Easy to use app. No complaints!

Great app for audits

Nice little app to audit/check off any requirements from basic housekeeping to legal, professional and more! A majority of the audit templates are free (yes!!) and have options to export them in pdf and other formats!! You can also create your own template at their website. The only downside is the initial 45 day trial

Perfect app for eveyone

A must have for anyone doing audits. Its very simple to comprehend and easy to grasp the concept. I love that it doesnt have any pesky ads. The user interface is smooth and very appealing to the eye. I love that i can choose from so many diferent templates and dont have tostick with just a couple. Very cool app.

Great App!!

Super intuitive interface, with lots of audit templates to work with. Can make a job of an Auditor really easy. A very productive app with no bugs!!

Works like a charm

This is just a really nice app. Everything works well and it makes my life easier. It takes a small amount of time to get it working at first but afterwards I get all the information I need and want on time. It has helped tremendously. Give it a go.

Great App

The ability to create your own audit checklist has greatly saved me time as of late. Instead of having several programs open to check on things, you can do it all with this one app. Truly a lifesaver.

Love this!

A friend introduced me to this app recently and I have to say I love it! The interface makes it easy to use and it helps to cut my audit time down a lot! I've been using it for the past couple days now and haven't looked back since! Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Great app

Excellent companion for field safety audits!

Safety Department

Great app

Great update!

I've been using the EHS Audit Mobile since it's first incarnation came along, and I have used it since them. I find that the app really helps streamlining the auditing process while still keeping my organized. I like that, thanks to this app, I am no longer hassled by other materials like paper and pen while auditing, since the app helps me keep track. This update is helpful; the app seems faster and I know that some of the previous ordering and orientation issues have been fixed. Overall, a great update!

Fantastic app

I now use this app regularly for inspections and it generates great reports. Very comprehensive and thorough but still very easy to use. It's definitely a time saver and it makes the job much, much easier. Definitely recommend it.

Cool audit tool!

Auditing isn't the most exciting work, but I have to say this is actually a pretty cool tool, and makes the process a heck of a lot better! Saved a ton of time using this with my iPad (previously doing everything by hand..) Definitely worth it!


tried them all, this one is the best I researched and trialled a few other audit apps before deciding to go with Nimonik. The interface is by far the most intuitive and easiest to work with that I’ve seen. I use it both on my phone and ipad and haven’t run into any glitches on either yet.

Great app for daily inspection!!

Great auditing tool and makes the reports quicker.

Friigin Awesome

So many templates to choose from

Awesome app

Great app with all the right features and very user friendly.

Gr8 app

This a great app to do, share, store and restore audits.

EHS specialist

Hard to figure out at first, but good tool

This audit tool still rocks! - 5 stars

I've been doing paper audits for years and honestly, the most painful part is entering the data into Excel and generating decent looking reports. With this iPad app, I can generate some pretty good looking reports. The CSV export functionality is very useful too as it allows me to calculate the team's success. Definitely worth the investment and time.

Perfect for those who use it for work

Being able to keep track of audits is super important, and this app makes it very easy. I can compile everything together and add photos and videos detailing my findings in more detail if necessary. It is a time saver and I've found it easy to share data. A very useful app; also the video on the site makes it easy to figure out if you have any questions.


Easy to use. Great way of tracking.

Love it!!!!!

Great application!!! It's easy to use and REALLY helpful!!!! Makes my work so much easier!!!! Definitely keeping this app!!!!

Makes my inspections very easy and efficient- 5 stars

Inspections of my plant floor were always a bit of chore - though an important one , I would have to print our my checklist, walk around and take notes and then take photos and type everything up. Finally someone has build an ipad app that allows me to do all this in one spot and easily repeat my inspections every week. Really helps with my daily inspections and its really easy and very accurate and efficient also and so i like it alot ....

Wonderful tool for auditing on the go

I have been looking for an app to conduct audits on the go for sometime. There are quite a few in the App store, but this one really stands out. It is much more polished and robust the the other options and the company's customer support is excellent. The new update is the icing the cake.not only can I put my audits together faster I get through them faster! the tool is a great way to create a checklist and then use it over and over again to generate reports for internal management.

Really great app

Wonderful app, it really helps speed up the audit process. I use this for my forklift, working at heights and materials handling weekly inspections. The reports are also very helpful for the teams I have to audit. It's the only auditing app ill ever need again

Updated app!

This app is great for keeping up with my safety audits. Very quick and reliable, audio and photo abilities are definitely helpful! Happy I found it and love the new version, well worth the cost!

First glance review

This app is pretty good and worth a try. However, I find the interface could be improved a bit more and made a bit quicker. The company has informed me about their plans and it sounds promising, so here's hoping.

Wonderful and useful!

Great app for environmental spot checks at the site. We use it to check our petroleum storage tanks, pipes and other potential leaks. Handy and their reporting features are super useful

Very simple

This is an extremely simple to use app. There is nothing fancy here to get in the way of what really needs to get done. This app is fantastic for on the go auditing. Really clean professional look. Could use a few more options but even if this didn't change at all it is still an extremely useful app. I like how you can use it even if you have no Internet connection at the time and sync data later when you are connected. A+ app!

Amazing free audit checklists

The best feature of this app is the massive database of free checklists. They have hundreds of checklists on forklift safety and working at heights and much more. It is super practical to be able to access those quickly and start auditing right away.

Very poor App

Sounds misleading marketing to me. The app is very poor. If you want to really use it you have to pay hundreds of dollars. Not even the two "free audits" are worth the price you pay for the app. No checklists found! It's pure garbage. Save your money.

Great app, stuck on the price

The application is built well and entering in a custom audit template from the website is straightforward. It's nice to audit a site with just an iPad, rather than carrying a laptop or notepad around and working on converting results later. The cost comes in when a report is desired. The first two are free, but then you can get different quantities for different costs. I really want to use this, but my audit schedule is erratic at best. I can't expense a prepayment item like this, especially when it's several hundred dollars. I wild prefer a one time cost or quarterly payment based upon how many audit reports were run. While I understand the value in the report templates that are included, and there are a lot, I'm not in Canada and none of them apply to my industry. Perhaps a new version with a one time cost and no access to pre-made templates would become available in the future. I, as well as several other auditors in the company, would be up for that.

Public Templates are basically unusable

Listing requirements as "1" or "2" means you have to click through to find out what requirement you are evaluating. Also, there should be an option of marking all as "passed" and then being able to quickly go through and mark "fail" for the items not meeting criteria. Too many clicks to get to where you need to be. Also, the program is still crashing on my 4S.

New version crashes

The latest version also crashes when I try to launch it. I like this Program but want it to work when I launch it. Just checked it on my iPad 1 and the new version works great but still crashes on the iPad 2. I give it a 4 star on the iPad 1 and a 1 star on the iPad 2.

No checklist found.

I find no checklists. Not recommended at current time.

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